What To Expect: When On Tour with Capital One

On February 3, Capital One kicked off its 10-city Banking Reimagined℠ Tour—a hands-on digital experience to inspire confidence in your relationship with money and help people nationwide find strategies for the financial road ahead. The tour's first stop: Glendale, California, a family-friendly Los Angeles-area community filled with the prerequisite palm trees and sunshine.

The 2017 tour is a small taste of the many ways Capital One is rethinking banking and inspiring a new era of financial confidence. Even after the tour has left town, Capital One Cafes remain innovative new spaces that tap into the essence of the local community. It's a neighborhood hub for everyday banking needs; the go-to spot for community and/or nonprofit meetings; a gathering place to huddle with a cup of coffee and pastry from a local bakery; and an inviting experience for Money Coaching (available in select markets) as well as for digital banking that changes what is often a complex relationship with money.

Come visit the tour at an upcoming stop and follow along on the journey. Here’s everything you need to know.

1. A state-of-the-art, 54-foot trailer that will inspire financial dreams

The trailer made its first stop in Glendale, and continues to nine cities nationwide. Think of it as financial empowerment on wheels. The Banking Reimagined℠ Tour features a trailer housing a smart, personal digital experience. Visitors step up to an expansive interactive wall that allows you to scroll through your values and goals and shows how your outlook shapes the way you view your money. Then, a cutting-edge HoloLens augmented reality experience brings your financial goals to life with 3D holographic imagery. Participants can also record a message, including words of financial wisdom, for their future selves in private video booths. Shirley Chan of Downey, California, says the experience "gave you time for yourself. Just seeing yourself on video and having it speak back to you is a good refresher. You should listen to yourself."

2. Your new favorite hangout, the Capital One Café

Banking should fit your everyday life, and these cool spaces are designed to do just that. The Capital One Café is a place where you can take care of banking needs, get up to speed on the latest digital tools and services, speak with knowledgeable Café Ambassadors, use fee-free ATMs with a Capital One debit card or simply hang out with free Wi-Fi, locally made snacks and hand-crafted Peet's® beverages (which are 50-percent off for anyone with a Capital One card). "It's very welcoming to the community; I go by there every day. I'm opening an account and asking questions. And I've tried the croissants!" says Glendale resident Fay Chu. Chan adds, "The Capital One Café really offers you the opportunity to think about what you want to do in life and where you use your finances, current and future. Considering you're here at the Americana, where you're spending money and time with your family, you remember that the things you do cost things in life. Capital One gives you the opportunity to think about that, not just for yourself but for your family and your future."

3. A prime location you'll pass in your regular routine

Capital One Cafes are located in the heart of where local residents live and work. In Glendale, the Café sits right in the middle of the action on a prime corner of The Americana at Brand, a community hub for shopping, strolling or stopping for a photo op in front of the gorgeous fountain. Here, the Café is right at home among the bustling stores, kiosks and restaurants of Americana Way—and on opening weekend, it was steps away from the community's Lunar New Year celebrations. With The Americana central to Glendale's vibe, the Capital One Café fits right in.

4. A neighborhood gathering place for banking and more

You might see visitors sitting down with a Café Ambassador to learn the latest digital tools, playing an impromptu game of chess or stopping by for a treat with their pup. Cafes are also a welcoming space for Capital One's nonprofit community partners to host meetings and special events. "This is a very family-oriented neighborhood, and the Café fits in well as part of the community," says Peggy Forder, an Ambassador at the Capital One Café in Glendale. Visitors range "from a 10-year-old kid to an 85-year-old lady; they find this place so interesting and different, and they're willing to check it out and learn. I love their curiosity," adds Aslanian Lilit, an Ambassador at the Capital One Café in Glendale.

5. Hands-on access to the latest digital tools and services

Capital One Cafes are intentionally designed for how people live and bank today, with digital tools such as apps like CreditWise and Level Money, cash-deposit ATMs, a partnership with Amazon Alexa, interactive demo bars to learn the latest digital tools and interactive screens that provide educational money content. Customers are guided by knowledgeable Ambassadors to interact with the latest services that make everyday banking a breeze.

6. Touch screens with tips you'll want to note

Did you know… the median income in Glendale is $58,076, the median monthly rent is $1,354 and the average local commute is 26 minutes? You'll find these fun neighborhood facts (according to 2015 census data,), plus inspirational financial tips and tricks, on each Café's interactive screens. Don't be afraid to touch: The more you touch and swipe, the more you'll learn about spending and saving. "Couples go through the trivia together, and they're amazed at the answer. It's a fun way to get them thinking about their finances," Forder says.

7. Knowledgeable Café Ambassadors to guide you along the way

Capital One's friendly Café Ambassadors are on site to answer questions, help you open or manage an account and introduce you to the Café's many features. What makes Ambassadors unique? "Our atmosphere, our energy and the vibe of our community," Lilit says. "We put humanity into banking; you're not divided by glass, you're right there with us, having an informal conversation about banking," Forder adds. "Today, I asked someone if they had questions about our ATM; that led to a banking conversation and I helped them open a checking account. A simple interaction can lead to so much more."

8. A sleek coffee bar for a much-needed java jolt or treat

You can order the coffee of the day or get creative from a menu that includes a matcha green tea or dirty chai latte. Each Café also features local artisanal treats from that city's standout bakeries—in Glendale, that means banana chocolate mini loaf, spinach and feta borek, quiche and beet salad from L.A's Bread Lounge and Cake Monkey Bakery.

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