The Perfect Surprise Proposal For Two Capital One Café Regulars

Neil Patrick Enriquez and Beau Harshman shared coffee and hot chocolate during their first date at a Café, so it was only fitting to return to a similar location—this time, a Capital One Café in their San Francisco neighborhood—when it came time to pop the question.

The twist? The San Francisco-based couple was already engaged. A few weeks prior, Beau had proposed to Neil Patrick during a romantic sunset while on vacation in Maui. But Neil Patrick had a great idea: "I thought, why not propose back?" he says.

The friendly, public setting of the Capital One Café on San Francisco's Post Street was where the two often met for coffee and Beau, who worked nearby, would do his banking. "Every time I go into the Café there's an event or something special going on—if it's Chinese New Year, they're doing something. I think that is what's welcoming about it," Neil Patrick says.

Photo courtesy of Neil Patrick Enriquez

Neil Patrick then enlisted the Café staff to help him with the surprise proposal, telling them, "I'm a hopeless romantic, and I know there's flowers, there's music, there's ambiance," he says. To incorporate all three, on the big day Neil Patrick invited Beau for coffee, planning for his husband-to-be to arrive first. As Beau sat and waited with a cup of coffee, Capital One staff and customers, now in on the plan, approached him one by one, each handing him a single flower. Finally, Neil Patrick arrived, presented the final flower and got down on one knee as local musician Jonny Zywiciel (an artist Neil Patrick found via Instagram) serenaded with a rendition of Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud."

Photo courtesy of Neil Patrick Enriquez

"Beau thought he was just meeting for coffee that day, but little did he know he was receiving a ring also," Neil Patrick says. "Employees and customers were all in on it!"

In January 2016, the two married at a beautiful black-and-white winter wedding in the South Lake Tahoe area of their first date. The pair, now known as Mr. and Mr. Harshman-Enriquez, recently celebrated their one-year anniversary. "We're hopeful and excited for the many more years and memories to come!" Neil Patrick says.

Photo credit: Austin Costanza

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