Local Artists Bring a Cultural, Community Vibe Inside Capital One Cafés

A Chicago street photographer who explores the beautiful, often unnoticed eccentricities of the city's neighborhoods. A Miami artist who highlights the bright and energetic colors of the ever-changing beach. A Denver illustrator whose interactive creations invite curiosity and quite a social media following. A San Francisco creative who's infusing a mural with his rock-and-roll vibe.

Such alluring points of view are just a sampling of what's to come at select Capital One Cafés. In addition to serving everyday banking needs through a range of innovative tools and services, Cafés serve as a community hub—a gathering space to make your own where browsing and exploration are encouraged. Amidst the latest tools and services on offer, one of the most eye-catching parts of the Café experience is original creations by area artists.

"Each Café features local connections to the community and the people in it. We're working with local artists to display their creativity on our walls. It's all part of what's awesome about having a Capital One Café in your backyard," says designer Matthew Rowan, Physical Design Manager for Capital One. Rowan oversees design of the Cafés as they expand into select new markets. "Everything offered, from the tools, services and one-on-one money coaching to details like locally baked goods and local artwork invite a level of curiosity."

These intriguing artworks are entirely local, from conception to creation. The scoop on the most up-and-coming native talent often comes from Capital One Café Associates and Ambassadors who live and work in the community—"they know what's up," says Molly Smith of Capital One's Design Strategy team. "Our Ambassadors are so passionate about getting the best recommendations to us. It could be an artist who designed screen-printed tees that are super hot to wear in their city, or the person behind an awesome mural downtown."

Best of all, the artwork is a direct reflection of each artist's perspective. "We want the artist to choose the medium and the content of the work—what they feel is local and cool," Smith says. Across the Cafés, art is warm, welcoming and sometimes even a little tongue-in-cheek—"an inside joke for the neighborhood," Smith says. "It's something customers want to gaze at for awhile."

Follow the Capital One Roadshow Tour to see when the doors open to Cafés across the country.

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