5 Things the Debt Free Guys Learned at the Capital One Café

The Debt Free Guys, John Schneider (left) and David Auten (right) with Money Coach Megan Lathrop at the Capital One Café in Denver.

When it comes to banking, David Auten and John Schneider, aka the Debt Free Guys, know a thing or two. They used their backgrounds in finance to overcome their own money-related setbacks, and are now helping others reach their financial goals.

But when the couple and business partners recently visited the Capital One Café in Denver, a hub where people can go to recharge their financial outlook, even these experts came away with new insights and new ideas. Below, the pair shares the top five things they learned during their visit.

1. The Capital One Café's warm and inviting atmosphere puts you right at home.
"The modern style and technology incorporated within the Café design is impressive. Oftentimes, this kind of architecture coupled with high-tech gadgets and displays can come across as cold and uninviting, but the balance of making it warm and welcoming was refreshing and unexpected. When you realize there are a lot of places to sit, you immerse yourself in it and take advantage of the casual, laid-back space. Plus, the coffee and pastries make it an even more welcoming environment."

2. The Café's user-friendly technology keeps your interest piqued.
"With young adults being more connected than ever, it's admirable how Capital One Cafés embrace technology and cater to their sensibilities. Whether it's communicating money matters with emojis or through intriguing images, they're getting people engaged about money, as opposed to presenting formulas on spreadsheets or even doing things on computers. It's just a much more interactive modern dialogue that they're having between people and money. In addition, it breaks down the barriers the younger generation may have toward finances, especially for those who witnessed their parents struggle through the financial crisis."

3. Having informal discussions about money is entirely pleasant.
"The Café serves as an uninhibited way to engage people in discussions about their relationship with money, something that many of us are way too uncomfortable doing. Yet, the Café experience is designed to be non-intrusive. It's more about your emotions and values and how both relate to what you save and what spend. That's easier said than done, which is why we're really impressed that Capital One Cafés offer up to four sessions with a Money Coach at no charge."

4. It's a sales pitch-free zone.
"Hardly anyone likes to be the recipient of upselling. Capital One Cafés remove that layer of anxiety that comes with being bombarded by incessant sales pitches. The friendly staff doesn't try to push consumers into a product or service—they are more akin to hosts than a traditional bank teller, branch or store manager. That's both refreshing and makes the Cafés even more inviting."

5. The Café might be the place to launch your Big Idea.
"From free Wi-Fi to multiple charging stations, it's an ideal spot for entrepreneurs and those who don't work in traditional offices. While unexpected coming from a bank, the Café really is a community destination for plugging in and staying connected. As two people who make our living helping others live efficiently and smartly – and doing it on a dime, we can assure you the Café will now be our local hotspot."

To make a Capital One Café your go-to place, visit https://www.capitalone.com/cafes/

Photo Credit: © Steve Lynds Photography

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