"Keep Smiling!” Seattle-Based Blogger Style Miss Molly, on Personal Finance and Blogging Full-Time

(Photo Courtesy of Molly Clifton)
Visit Molly Clifton’s fashion blog Style Miss Molly, and it’s near impossible to leave without a smile. After all, the Seattle-based blogger’s "About Me” includes the cheerful call to action "Keep smiling!” that embodies her blog’s mission to encourage and inspire.

Positive, approachable messaging greets visitors of Clifton’s site in addition to affordable fashion finds and honest accounts of the ups and downs Clifton experiences in her life.

"I think authenticity is really critical in what I do as a blogger,” Clifton said. "I want to connect with women on a really personal level, and I want to treat everyone like they’re my best friend, so being open and saying, ‘Yeah, I wear this multiple times’ or ‘This is what I did today, and it wasn’t anything too exciting’ is really important in connecting with my community.”

Clifton recently stopped by Capital One’s Banking ReimaginedSM tour in Seattle and learned first-hand how aligning values with financial decisions can lead to more confidence and a healthier relationship with money. "I related to the Tour right away because it really does reimagine the personal in personal finance,” she said. "That’s refreshing and so helpful when you’re in situations like mine, where managing money isn’t, but should be, a priority.”

Along with the Banking Reimagined Tour, Capital One has opened Cafés in key cities, including Seattle, where people can stop in to get work done, enjoy a cup of coffee or take care of their everyday banking needs.

"The purpose of the Cafés reminds me of a sense of community, a place to hang out and get smarter about the influence money has in our lives,” said Clifton. "Capital One has done some innovative thinking about how to reach the Millennial generation. This focus on the broader experience is really relevant for us and sends the message that this is not a traditional bank; it’s a personal, tech-based experience that helps me responsibly pursue my passions.”

Clifton’s passions aren’t—and never have been—in short supply. A full-time blogger now, over the course of her life, Clifton has dabbled in everything from ballet to teaching.

"I think by the time I was 16 years old, I was dancing maybe 25 hours a week in addition to going to school,” said Clifton. "I really wanted to make it as a professional ballerina, but I think ultimately you should follow your passions and for me that was inspiring people through teaching and working with kids.”

Only recently did Clifton take a break from her full-time gig as a kindergarten teacher to pursue blogging as a career.

"I started my own business this year, so it’s been a lot of: How do I manage my finances beyond what I’ve ever done before as a kindergarten teacher?” said Clifton. "I constantly have different sources of income, so being able to save and monitor my money has really been a different experience for me. Switching to a new job where you don’t have a steady income is kind of a huge financial crisis, and I wanted to have steps in place that would help me feel financially secure, so that if something goes awry, I’m financially stable enough to keep moving forward.”

As a fashion blogger, Clifton has managed to resist the temptations of continuously purchasing new clothing and accessories to help generate new material for her site.

"You always want to have new outfits coming on, but realistically, that’s not going to happen,” said Clifton. "Having a budget where you have a set amount per month and you pull in pieces that are versatile and reusable is essential.”

Being open, honest and relatable are just a few of the key reasons Clifton’s fans are loyal to Style Miss Molly. Online and in person, Clifton radiates positive energy and a passion for making the world a happier place. As she puts the pieces together for her blogging career, she’s living life to the fullest, in style and with a smile.

To find a Capital One Café, visit capitalone.com/cafes

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