Richmond Artist Brings Passion for Art to Capital One Café

Hamilton Glass working on his mural at the Short Pump Capital One Café. (photo courtesy of Capital One)
"I've always been an artist. Every bone in my body is a creative bone," says Hamilton Glass. Specializing in public art, a medium with the power to influence the community in which it lives, the Richmond, VA architect-turned-painter creates pieces known for their colors and unpredictability.

Growing up in Philadelphia, Glass's mother enrolled him in "just about every art program," and he was inspired by the conversation-starting murals and graffiti art for which the city is known. After majoring in architecture at Virginia's Hampton University, Glass worked in that field for several years before word began to spread about his side project: the murals he was creating throughout the Richmond community. "Richmond is now flooded with murals, but at the time it wasn't a thing here," he notes. "I was part of inspiring the wave, and I got to ride it." As he became known throughout Virginia and beyond, Glass made the move to full-time artist.

The latest in Richmond's mural wave—which includes many of Glass's murals in local public schools, community centers and mom-and-pop shops—is the striking piece Glass created for the Capital One Café in Richmond, Virginia.

As part of its Banking Reimagined initiative, Capital One is opening Cafés in key markets across the country, where visitors are invited to come in take care of everyday banking needs, learn about the latest digital banking tools and services, regroup and recharge and sit down with a cup of coffee. Playing off the company's bright, expressive colors and the clean lines of the Richmond Café, Glass developed a bold, graphic pattern that speaks to the environment's constant stream of energy. A beautiful cardinal, the state bird of Virginia, adds a whimsical local touch. "The rest was just having fun," he says.

Glass spent a memorable five days painting his installation live at the Café in February, documenting the process on his popular Instagram. "People who were coming into the Café to get a cup of coffee were surprised and wanted to talk. It brings something extra to their day," he notes. "It was also great seeing the staff really latch onto it and talk about me to customers." Capital One Cafés across the country feature original works from innovative local artists and Glass's piece is, undoubtedly, uniquely Richmond.

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