Stories From the Road: Capital One’s Banking Reimagined Tour Takes on SF

The sun was shining when the Capital One Banking ReimaginedSM Tour pulled into San Francisco’s Pier 39 near Fisherman’s Wharf on February 11…an ideal welcome for a weekend of putting a bright spot on how to improve your relationship with money.

The Banking Reimagined tour includes a hands-on digital experience to help people nationwide find strategies for the financial road ahead. It is a small taste of the many ways Capital One is rethinking banking and inspiring a new era of financial confidence.

Even after the tour leaves town, Capital One Cafes remain innovative new spaces that tap into the essence of the local community. It's a neighborhood hub for everyday banking needs; the go-to spot for community and/or nonprofit meetings; a gathering place to huddle with a cup of coffee and pastry from a local bakery; and an inviting experience for Money Coaching (available in select markets) as well as for digital banking that changes what is often a complex relationship with money.
Natascia Greg, an Italy native-turned-San Franciscan, went through the tour experience after a monumental trip with her boyfriend to the Golden Gate Bridge.

“We just got engaged today,” Greg admitted. “That was the point of coming here. I’m an au pair, so it’s really hard to save money. My boyfriend and I wanted to understand what we have to do from now on to feel more comfortable with our financials.”

Another young couple, Sarah and John Hennessy, came in still riding the high of attending their first open house in San Francisco’s Sunset district.

“We’re trying to buy a house, so that’s our goal right now,” Sarah said.

The couple cited several different tactics they currently employ to make sure they’re saving so they can make their goals a reality: “Regularly checking online banking, making sure to put away some of your savings from your paycheck,” Sarah began.

“Not going nuts, being frugal—Sarah’s really good at that—budgeting,” John finished. “I like how this experience was focused on your personal decisions, but along the way was kind of fun. They reached out to your personality and what you want to do with your finances.”

Sarah needed no prompting when it came to talking about her favorite part of the experience—she practically jumped out of the selfie station, with John in tow, exclaiming they’d tried not one, but three different filters that put them into scenes, like in front of a new home, that align with their financial goals.

Denise Evans works at a local San Francisco Capital One branch, and stopped through on the second day of the tour.

“I literally came back from my vacation to do this,” Denise said proudly. “I think this is a really great experience, makes you look at things differently. I’ve been saving and saving, but I feel like it’s not enough. San Francisco’s so expensive, you need to save a lot more for your emergency funds and still be able to put away for your future self.”

Other noteworthy tour attendees were Jessica Doll of Hej Doll and Stuart Schuffman of Broke-Ass Stuart, who walked through the Banking Reimagined experience and met with SF Money Coach Megan Lathrop. Stay tuned to learn more about their individual experiences and how the tour shed light on their own relationships with money.
The Banking Reimagined tour pulled out of San Francisco as the sun was setting on Sunday and as almost 700 guests signed off on video messages to their future selves— to be delivered back to them in the next several months as a check-in on whether their goals are on track.

Next up is Seattle, where the bus will roll through Westlake Park on February 17 and 18 from 10 am – 6 pm. Come check it out, or visit the tour at an upcoming stop, and follow along on the journey.

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