Our Banking ReimaginedSM Tour covered some miles.

We hit the road earlier this year, visiting 10 cities across America to get people thinking and talking about their money in a whole new way. Using touch screens, virtual reality and video selfie booths, we started the conversation and gave people strategies for the financial road ahead. Thousands of people experienced the Tour—check out what some of them had to say:

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The hololens was amazing! I loved the virtual reality experience, it made me rethink my financial goals. I live in Belltown with my fiancé and he came here yesterday and told me about it. I didn’t know much about Capital One, to be honest, but was happy to learn more. I liked taking the survey and then taking the picture that correlated with the survey. I started out thinking about how I wanted to have a nice destination wedding, but then I also realized that I want to have children, which ended up being in my picture, so I’d like to think about that a little more. I can see that Capital One is very thorough in thinking about their customers’ goals in life. I like how it was actually focused on your personal decisions, but along the way was kind of fun. They reached out to your personality and what you want to do with your finances. It was good and personal. I like that we’re going to get feedback about our financial situation. I think we’re all used to the banks that we already have, but we have questions, so this is going to help clear them up. This is pretty different than what other banks are doing. I like that it pointed out what you valued and wanted to save up for, like taking a big trip or saving up to buy a house. I definitely learned more about what Capital One does. The best part of the experience was creating a message for yourself to look back on in a few months. This is a great way to get people to start talking about their money. This definitely made me think about what is important in my life and how I can start focusing my money on those things. We just got engaged today. That was the point of coming here. I’m an au pair, so it’s really hard to save money. My boyfriend and I wanted to understand what we have to do from now on to feel more comfortable with our financials.
  1. 1. Glendale, CA
    February 3rd - 4th

  2. 2. San Francisco, CA
    February 11th - 12th

  3. 3. Seattle, WA
    February 17th - 18th

  4. 4. Denver, CO
    February 25th - 26th

  5. 5. Chicago, IL
    March 4th - 5th

  6. 6. Miami, FL
    March 11th - 12th

  7. 7. Richmond, VA
    March 18th - 19th

  8. 8. Boston, MA
    March 23rd - 24th

  9. 9. Philadelphia, PA
    April 1st - 2nd

  10. 10. Austin, TX
    April 8th - 9th